Earth Day 2019; Five Things We Loved

In it’s 49th year, we were pleased to see the message of Earth Day spread far and wide in April 2019. Here we share five surprising and wonderful things that happened for Earth Day in 2019.

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Earth Day 2019 In Review

Every year, nations across the world get together to celebrate Earth Day. This is the one day of the year that unites nations across the world with the aim of raising awareness of the world’s most troubling issues. From climate change to animal protection and pollution, with each year the movement is growing and more businesses and individuals are getting involved. In it’s 49th year, we were pleased to see the message of Earth Day spread far and wide. Here we share five surprising and wonderful things that happened for Earth Day in 2019.

Extinction Rebellion Greta Thumberg Earth Day
Extinction Rebellion Greta Thumberg Earth Day – Image Courtesy of The Guardian.
  1. London came to a standstill
    For ten days the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ protests dominated central London. From Oxford Circus closures, Trafalgar Square concerts and Marble Arch art installations rumoured to be by Banksy, it was hard not to miss. Whether you were a part of the protest or not, these were almost impossible to miss. A sight not often seen in the capital. The protesters were demanding that the government and financial institutions take responsibility for their impact on the ‘climate emergency’.
  2. Greta Thunberg encourages stikes.
    Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old climate activist from Sweden, urged people to strike in a bid to force leaders to act in response to climate change. Speaking at a public event in London, Greta told audiences that, ‘Civil disobedience is important to show this is an emergency. We need to do everything we can to put pressure on the people in power,”, to a reaction of applause. Greta followed with, “Why study for a future that is being taken from us? Why study for facts when facts don’t matter in this society? It’s empowering to know I am doing something, I am taking a stand, I am disrupting.”
  3. One million trees will be planted by one clothing retailer.
    The brand Ten Tree, who are known for planting ten trees for each garment purchased, have set a campaign to encourage 20 million people to like an instagram image. If this target is reached, not only will 20 million people have awareness raised of earth day, but the brand will plant an additional 1 million trees.


4. Scientists take to the streets.
‘March For Science’ protests took place for the third year in a row across the globe. These protests came in reaction to Donald Trump’s dismissal of climate science. Known for being naturally introverted, this is a campaign encouraged scientists globally to rally and campaign for the world to listen and take note of what science is telling us about the state of the planet. A second wave of protests took place of 5th May.

5. Brands are giving back.
Brands across the world are donating back to ethical, earth-based charities around Earth Day 2019 celebrations. Herbivore Botanicals, a natural skincare brand spent almost a fortnight giving 20% of all sales made to Clear Blue Sea. They’re an organisation dedicated to clearing plastic pollution from oceans.

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