Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to our frequently asked questions. Can’t find your query? Get in touch with us directly using our contact form.

  • What’s the difference between the BELIEVE Tribe Foundation, BELIEVE Hotel Group and Aroha?

    The BELIEVE Tribe Foundation is the social arm of the BELIEVE brand; providing a positive return to society through financial contributions to Environmental/Education and Local Community initiatives.

    The BELIEVE Hotel Group is the parent company of the three proposed wellness retreats to be developed in the Mediterranean.

    Aroha is the first wellness retreat under the BELIEVE Hotel banner to be developed in Corfu.

  • How do we know that Aroha is meeting it's sustainability ethos?

    We will demonstrate this through ongoing regular updates and impact reporting which will be visible on our website.

    We accept that we are accountable for delivering our ESC [Environment/Society/Climate] principles; this is a key aspect of our beliefs around trustworthiness, honesty and openness.

  • What do you mean by "social enterprise"?

    The BELIVE Hotel Group and Aroha will not be run for personal wealth generation. As an organisation we will distribute 32% of earnings to further achieve our ultimate objective of paying-it-forward in support of other social projects and initiatives.

    We will publish the results of this revenue - as well as the projects we've initiated - to our community via newsletters, social media and regular updates on our website. We accept that we are accountable to run the Aroha resort and the BELIEVE Hotel Group diligently to ensure this effort is maintained.

  • What’s in it for us, the founders of BELIEVE and Aroha?

    For us it’s simple, the BELIEVE brand and our responsible tourism projects are an opportunity to pursue our passion for community, wellness, caring for the environment and demonstrating disruptive thinking in action. Our opportunity to give back.

    This is a passion project and something that gifts us the opportunity to give back; creating wonderful holiday experiences focused on the wellbeing and happiness of others. This opportunity gifts us the ability to simplify our lives and ensures we live every day in a wholehearted way.

  • What’s in it for the BELIEVE community?

    We want our BELIEVE community to be fulfilled from both an ideological and practical perspective and therefore there are a number of ways in which you can benefit from being a part of it.

    First and foremost, it’s an opportunity to be a part of an ideal, something greater; designing, building and creating a wellness retreat. Not just any retreat, but one that stands for community and cares for the environment and for each other with eco-friendly credentials.

    Of course by being a community member, you’ll the able to tap into a tribe of like-minded individuals, but you’ll also have access to project development and creative opportunities for Aroha. For example, if you’re a potter you’ll be able to submit your designs for the retreat’s crockery and if selected you’ll be asked to supply these items … the pay-it-forward principal in action. The possibilities are endless. You’ll be also have access to our project plan which details the entire build and launch process.

    Other more practical benefits include guaranteed discounts on rates and special offers. You’ll be able to access a pool of wellness content that will help you to lead a more fulfilled life which will come directly from those executing wellness experiences at any of our BELIEVE Hotel Group retreats. Be that of our local farmers, yoga or meditation instructors or chefs. In addition, you can look out for the opportunity to win a week’s free accommodation during our soft launch!

    If any of the above sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, please email us with details.

  • Why a tented retreat?

    There is a sense of being connected when you inhabit an open space; allowing you to experience the energy of the earth. Every natural occurring event gives energy to the earth, it acts like a conductor, and for the most part we are one with this. Standing within the land and among the trees our bodies and spirits can connect to this energy field. We are not about palaces, extravagant villas or condos we are all about a low carbon footprint.

    Installing habitable structures with minimal impact to the natural habitat.

  • When does the Aroha retreat open and how do we book?

    Ssssh … opening day’s a bit of a secret but as a community member you’ll get the news first along with details of your special discount as a thank you for your support. Like all construction projects there is a timeline to follow and key milestones to hit. We will continue to keep you abreast of the progress, so you watch as we move closer to launch. We hope to meet you in person once we’re open! We’ll be creating a separate Aroha booking website as the project progresses; this is where you’ll be able to make your bookings.

  • How do I become a BELIEVE community member?

    Register on our website or follow us on any social media platforms.