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We’re on a mission to develop a resort that is single use plastic-free and we need your help!

As we reach the hugely exciting final planning stages of our first low carbon footprint luxury tented retreat that’s both eco-friendly and sustainable, we are looking to you guys, our fantastic community for advice and guidance with our recycling processes. As you may already be aware from our previous blogs, we are keen to factor in as many sustainable solutions as we can that help to support and preserve the island’s biodiversity, as well as our local community here in Greece.

It’s for these reasons that we’re using only the cleanest, most sustainably made products as well as the least energy intensive processes at our retreat, avoiding all plastic, toxins and harmful chemicals where possible. Instead, using only nature’s gifts in the retreat design and final touches.

From cardboard boxes, biodegradable bamboo loo paper, waste paper used for our deliveries, to recyclable materials for our tents and their interiors, we want to make sure that when you retreat with us everything you touch, use, sleep under and eat has been consciously chosen for its kindness to the environment.

Our ethos

Our ethos flows through everything we do, and binds the BELIEVE community together. We care about people and our planet, about communities and leaving a world no worse off than when we came. From the moment you arrive not only will you become an integral part of the community on the island, you’ll also become part of the bigger picture: our mission to make all our retreats totally eco-friendly and truly sustainable.

How do we plan to do this?

By using only 100% recyclable materials. As a guest at our retreat, you won’t need to bring any amenities, hair or body products or essentials with you, as we’ll be providing everything you need for your stay; from reef safe sunscreen to plant based dental floss. We will be partnering with a number of industry-disrupting sustainable and ethical suppliers, using their clean and 100% natural product lines at all of our retreats.

With this approach, we will be limiting plastic wastage and minimising our environmental footprint, while ensuring we adhere to a conscious, eco-friendly and respectful way of living.

But what about non-recyclable waste?

Waste disposal is already a growing problem for people on the island, who currently dispose of their non-recyclable waste in landfill. so it’s vital that we set up a sustainable waste solution that doesn’t mean adding to the problem.

Here are a few examples of the non-recyclable waste that we will be dealing with:

  • Plastic packaging
  • Wet cardboard
  • Ceramics
  • Mirrors
  • Cling film
  • Broken glass

Some countries, such as Singapore, incinerate all of their non-recyclable waste, which could be a solution for us. However, incineration can lead to increased carbon emissions, air pollution and the contaminated ash could pose a health hazard. This also provides little incentive for people to reduce their waste or recycle responsibly.

We need a more sustainable and earth-friendly solution that fits in with our ethos and core values. One that will work safely and effectively with high volumes of waste and that does not harm or disrupt the island. Do you have any ideas?

Get involved!

We’re on the lookout for new sustainable technologies that make the most of leftover waste on the island and if possible, avoid the use of landfill. And we need your help! If you or anyone you know can offer us tips and guidance on effective recycling processes and solutions for non-recyclable waste, we’d love to hear about them!

If you have an idea, however big or small, we want to hear from you. Whether you’re  interested in circular food processes, reducing food waste, regenerative-soil practices, downcycling, waste sharing, permaculture, or anything else, we’re keen to hear your advice or find out about your own recycling practices. Simply leave a comment on this blog, drop us an email or contact us on any of our social channels – whichever works best for you.

Thank you and stay tuned, as we’ll be sharing our progress and any solutions we discover over the next few months.

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