Two of the Aroha project’s key supplier were identified earlier in the year and now contact was established. The first being the tent manufacturer in South Africa; these guys really know their stuff. More details of this innovative company will be revealed! The second being our furniture supplier in the USA. This group constantly innovates through partnerships with the world’s most renowned artisans, allowing them to showcase their unique products, passion and vision. And we just love their use of reclaimed timber!

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How Do We Tackle Water Management?

We need your help with developing our sustainable water management processes.

Our question this month is: “Are there efficient water management systems that we can implement on our island location where water is a scarce commodity?”

Do you know the answer to this? Do you know someone who could help? Read our blog to find out more and get in touch!

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Lithium extraction mines on the South American salt flats.

We Need Your Help!

We need your help with our renewable energy solutions.

Do you or someone in your circle know about renewable energy storage? As we are busy planning the development of our first Ionian retreat, we have started looking for alternative solutions to standard lithium ion batteries. Why? Find out in our latest blog post!

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Goodbye 2020

End of year wishes

As this unpredictable year draws to a close we’d like to take the opportunity to spread some much needed Aroha; love and happiness, ending this year on a positive note. We wish you all the very best for the year ahead and remain cautiously optimistic that positive change is once again on our horizon.

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