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Taoism: Embracing Simplicity, Patience & Compassion

Find out how we plan to promote simplicity, patience and compassion in everything we do when we invite you to join us on our eco-friendly wellness retreats.

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Featured Supplier: Skipper & Skipper

Early in the Believe Tribe journey, we chose to work with international branding agency Skipper & Skipper

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Rest, Recover and Renewal

We need to step out of our shut-down desensitised lives. We need to pay greater attention to our well-being in order to connect to those places within that lay dormant. This is our retreat promise … attention to your well-being and experiential stress reduction.

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Life Among the Olives

Biodiversity tends to be high in traditionally cultivated olive groves, which provide a variety of habitats (e.g. dry stone walls, patches of natural vegetation etc.) supporting a diversity of wildlife including reptiles, butterflies and other invertebrates, birds and mammals.

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What is it about Greece?

We thought long and hard about the perfect setting for our wellbeing retreat; it was important to find somewhere accessible and beautiful. A place with a rich history, culture, inspiring landscapes, kind and hospitable people … an ideal space for our community to relax and rejuvenate. A mediterranean haven, Greece is the perfect fit.

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Love our images?

In keeping with our pay-it-forward philosophy we’d like to give a huge shout out to Unsplash.

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