A Social Organisation

Around the world creatives, entrepreneurs and inspired thinkers are establishing socially conscious enterprises. Enterprises which do not necessarily focus on wealth, but choose rather, to invest or donate revenue earned into social initiatives with similar principles. Businesses with a social objective.

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A Social Organisation

As social entrepreneurs we’re committed ensuring the Aroha retreat, and the BELIEVE Hotel Group, provides a fair return on investment to our shareholders while encouraging a positive return to society. To support this goal a percentage of profits from the BELIEVE Hotel Group will be paid-forward to the BELIEVE Foundation to fund initiatives which benefit many not just the few.

The BELIEVE Foundation will manifest this through responsible tourism. Demonstrating, through transparent, open and honest delivery our pay-it-forward principles. The initial spin off from our first retreat, Aroha, will contribute financially to:





'Not too little, not too much. Just enough'

Our vision for Aroha aligns with the Swedish philosophy of ‘lagom’.  Lagom has no direct English translation, but can be interpreted as ‘not too little, not too much. Just the right amount.’

For us, the founders of BELIEVE, it’s all about balance; recognising moderation as a virtue. The idea of which can be traced back to Ancient Greece. Aristotle described moderation as the harmony between reason, spirit and desire.  Craiutu, a Professor at Indiana University expands on this philosophy saying “It’s the disposition of the soul where reason, spirit and desire are in agreement. It’s more than temperance. It’s harmony.”

Our Aroha project is not for personal wealth, it’s all about a more balanced approached and living in harmony.

Our journey to kick-start the Aroha retreat is a rewarding one; a feeling shared by our community. We’ve chosen to use social networking and media websites to spread the word about our brand and our first retreat project and in doing so hope to forge new relationships and identify collaborative opportunities.

If there are social entrepreneurs you’d like us to know about, we’d be happy for the introduction! We rely on individuals coming together to affect change. We’re so grateful to those that have joined us so far, supporting by whatever means they can.



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